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Teri Heinemann

Well Hello There!

I have been in the real estate industry business for 20 years now. Some of those years were spent as a licensed mortgage loan officer. I have also worked for real estate investors in the Dallas market. For the last two years, I have been inactive due to personal business that needed my attention. But I'm back with 5 Point Star Realty, LLC and ready to help buyers or sellers in any way I can. Please feel free to call me at 806.781.3151 anytime. Leave a message if I can't answer when you call.

I was born in Lubbock and raised all over the great state of Texas. I graduated high school with a wonderful group of friends from Stamford, Texas and then on to Texas Tech for my BA in psychology. I have lived in Lubbock, Amarillo, Houston, and Dallas as well as two years spent in the lovely state of Arkansas where I did mortgage loans in both Arkansas and Oklahoma. Be sure and take a vacation in Arkansas when you have a chance – it is beautiful there!

I became a Real Estate Broker in 2004 and had my own company with 7 wonderful realtors that I still consider my friends. I am no longer a broker but Bruce Flournoy, Broker with my company 5 Point Star Realty, LLC is a fabulous resource to be associated with.

Do you have some questions about how to get started with your real estate endeavor? I would be delighted to help answer any that I am able.

Lots of folks have questions about their credit situation. I can definitely give you some ideas on how to raise your score and get your credit where it needs to be for your mortgage loan. I am not longer affiliated with any bank or credit union.

Thanks for stopping by! We are a great company and you will love doing business with us!

Teri Heinemann, Realtor
5 Point Star Realty, LLC