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How to Increase the Value of Your Ranch

Ranch House

Like single-family homes, you can increase the value of your ranch over time. Instead of updating a kitchen, in the case of the former, ranch properties have an equivalent set of upgrades that will enhance their value. Just like preparing a house for sale, here’s a basic guide to increasing the value of your ranch.

  1. Improve or provide access

    Access is crucial to a ranch property. Values sink or soar depending on how accessible the property is. Good access means the owner’s ability to visit their land at any time, and the ease with which buyers can view it in person once it’s on the market.

    To acquire deeded access to a property, you may need to reach an agreement with your nearby neighbors, undertake some construction, or go to court. Do what you can to make the property as accessible as possible so that it appeals to potential buyers. Guarantee that your land has the right of egress and ingress, or allowed by law to enter or exit the property. This is possible through an easement, which is the right to use another person’s property for a particular purpose. If your ranch does not have private access, a road system, or easement, then the value of your land will decrease.

  2. Promote the availability of water

    The overall ecological health of any ranch (recreation, wildlife habitat, and agricultural income) will always depend on water. Real estate appraisers often find that the presence of ponds and lakes can easily clinch a sale. Water is still on top of any ranch buyer’s list.

  3. Provide or add utility lines

    Easement, water, and utilities are among the most attractive features of raw land. If you intend to build a home on the property, sewer lines are crucial, as is a power source. If sewer lines are not accessible, you will need to conduct a ground percolation or ground perk test. It tests the absorption of the soil in order to determine the design and installation of a septic system. If water lines are not available, find out if you are allowed to drill a well.

  4. Build appropriate structures

    Adding appropriate structures such as farmhouses, barns, and storage sheds can definitely increase the value of your land. Other structures include loafing sheds to protect animals, water tanks, cisterns, windmills, Quonset huts, and hunting cabins.

  5. Add fencing

    Fencing, a capital improvement, will almost always increase the value of your land. You can choose between two types of ranch fencing: high or low. High fencing is a good option for an owner who wants to keep animals contained within the property. Low fencing, on the other hand, allows wildlife to roam the property as they please. Whatever type of ranch fencing you choose, don’t forget that maintaining it is key. Fencing also allows you to demarcate your boundaries and provide a visual cue for prospective buyers about the extent of the property.

  6. Clear land of underbrush

    Uprooting undesired trees and underbrush has a significant impact on the functionality, visual appeal, and value of your ranchland. Your agent will use it to promote the presence of valuable pasture and grazing land on your property.

  7. Control feral hogs

    Feral hogs roam throughout Texas and can damage your property. Since these animals are omnivorous, they can forage through your produce and prey upon your livestock. If you’re putting up your ranch land for sale, it will be more appealing to buyers if you have feral hog controls in place. Look to recent advancements that improve the trapping process. You can find a team to customize a plan for your property.

  8. Improve your gates

    First impressions matter and the gate of your ranch is the first thing any guest or buyer will see. Adding a front gate is a simple and surefire way to increase value to your ranch land. New gates should be appropriate in size to accommodate future developments and needs.

These are just a few tips on how you can increase the value of your ranch property. If you’re looking for assistance to sell your land in Lubbock, Texas, 5 Point Star Realty will help ease your worries. Our team’s commitment to the principles of integrity, honesty, attentiveness, patience, and being considerate makes us different from any other real estate firm. Call us at 806.224.3145 or get in touch through email info(at)5psr(dotted)com to see the difference.