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Why Buying a Ranch is a Great Idea

Sunset View Inside the Ranch

The process of buying a ranch may be more complicated than most, but owning one yields benefits unlike any other.

If there’s something the ongoing health crisis has taught us, it’s the value of being in an unconfined space. It’s also the promise of being able to live anywhere you please now that you can work remotely. The lure of open spaces and unfettered movement in and out of your home makes the idea of owning a ranch more appealing than ever.

As long as you do extensive research, purchasing a ranch can be within your reach. Whether you’re looking to buy a smaller parcel of land or hundreds of acres in a secluded area, there’s something highly enticing about living the peaceful countryside lifestyle.

Here are the benefits of buying a ranch:

So much space

The most obvious appeal is the vast amount of space that comes with living on a ranch. You may own half an acre in the suburbs, but you can purchase a dozen or more acres outside the city limits for a relatively small investment. Owning a large tract of land gives you literal room to enjoy the great outdoors, indulge your hobbies, raise your kids, and live your quiet life in unconfined surroundings.

Fewer restrictions, more living

You’ll find that owning acreage comes with fewer restrictions. In the countryside, there are less zoning requirements and procedures for obtaining permits. You also can do whatever you want on your property, just as long as you’re not breaking any state or federal laws. In a world full of rules and regulations, this sense of freedom is valuable and irreplaceable.

Quiet time

In the countryside, there are no emergency sirens or vehicular traffic typical of urban living. A ranch affords you the luxury of quiet, save for the sounds of nature.

Being one with nature

Living in a ranch allows you to cohabit harmoniously with nature. You can also have the option of growing and raising your own livestock, planting crops, or growing an orchard.

More property for your money

The price of any piece of real estate property will always depend on location. In most cases, there’s less demand for land in the countryside. Therefore, you can buy more acreage for your buck.

Diversified portfolio

Purchasing ranch land can be a desirable investment for people who want to diversify their portfolio. Unlike the stock market, land often fares better when the market is volatile. Farmland also provides generally favorable returns, and is expected to increase in value at a faster rate as the demand will likely continue to remain high.

Tax exemptions

Owning farmland means enjoying associated tax benefits. For example, there are more favorable tax rates for agricultural land – something typical of most states. Look into how your state processes the claiming of tax benefits, which will depend on the type of farmland activity you’re engaged in.

Freedom to develop your property

As long as you get the approval of local authorities and county subdivisions, you can always alter and develop the land as you please. You can build stables, open a bed & breakfast, erect hunting stands, and whatever else you envision.

Pride of ownership

Any seasoned rancher will tell you that owning a ranch is one of the best decisions they have ever made in their life. You are going to need to get your hands dirty and learn a few hard lessons along the way. Still, nothing beats the satisfaction of building everything from scratch.

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