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Homes for Sale in Lubbock, TX

Average Home Prices
$31,500 Low
$199K Avg
$2,000,000 High
Average Home Price Per Square Feet
$40 Low
$104 Avg
$2,000,000 High

Whether you’re looking for a wonderful private residence or a productive investment property, the city of Lubbock in northwest Texas has exactly what you need.

Currently the 11th most populous city in Texas, Lubbock is a city of approximately 258,862 local residents, according to the latest Census estimates. The Lubbock County seat is known as “the hub of the plains” or simply “Hub City,” being the economic, educational, and health-care hub of the Lone Star State’s South Plains region.

Lubbock has developed into its own self-sufficient metropolitan area due to its fair distance from the Lone Star State’s other major urban centers. The city lies approximately 320 miles west of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, 346 miles east of El Paso, 374 miles north of Austin, and 524 miles northwest of Houston.

Accessibility to these big Texas cities is no problem, however, thanks to the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. The former Lubbock Municipal Airfield and South Plains Army Airfield offers direct, hour-long flights to these destinations.

Because of its location, Lubbock boasts a thriving metropolitan character while still maintaining reverence for its Old West roots. This city genuinely captures what it means to combine the conveniences of the big city lifestyle with the irresistible, laid-back charm of small-town living.

With its thriving economy, rich culture, and breathtaking natural surroundings, there’s no question about it: Lubbock is a city that truly has it all. Want to learn more about the outstanding, value-laden real estate opportunities that await you in this incredible market?

Lubbock TX Average Home Statistics
3 Beds
2 Baths
1,800 Sq. Ft.
1978 Build

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A brief look at the history of Lubbock, TX

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center

Believe it or not, the sprawling plains on which Lubbock lies today used to be a vast lake, long before the earliest civilizations occupied the territory.

Fast forward to the mid-1500s, Spanish explorers discovered the expansive flatlands of the American Southwest as they searched for the possibly mythical “Golden City of Quivira.” Today, the Lubbock Lake Site where these Spanish expeditions set up camp are one of the country’s most fascinating archaeological sites. Comanche native Americans also roamed the area around this time.

Modern Lubbock began to form upon the arrival of settlers in 1873. Drawn to the area for its vast and thriving pastures, which was perfect for cattle farming, these pioneer communities formed Lubbock County in 1876. At the time, the county was attached to neighboring Baylor County.

Lubbock was selected as the county seat in 1891, enabling the proper formation of the area’s first local government. Lubbock was incorporated as a city in 1909 with a founding population of 1,938.

1923 was a landmark year in Lubbock history as the city won the rights to become the location of the Texas Technological College—better known today as Texas Tech University. The school was completed and opened in 1925.

Driven by a prolific agricultural industry, specifically cotton, Lubbock amassed deposits of more than $5 million across three banks. The region’s vast flatlands also served as ideal locations for airports and flying schools that were used heavily during World War II.

The population continued growing through the decades, spurring further economic development. By the 1980s, Lubbock had $1.5 billion in reserves across 13 banks, along with savings and loan companies.

As the 20th century came to a close, the Lubbock population had grown to 199,564, and with it the city became a modern, cosmopolitan center amidst the South Plains of northwest Texas.

Lubbock, TX real estate

Lubbock boasts an incredible range of real estate opportunities that appeal to both homebuyers and property investors. This city is a great place to score remarkable deals, too. Housing costs here are 28% lower than the national average. Even compared with statewide prices, Lubbock offers a better bargain with local homes being 9% more affordable than the Texas average.

This accessibility makes Lubbock attractive to a wide range of real estate buyers. Excellent opportunities to score quality properties abound here, whether you are a first-time homebuyer just starting out on your professional career, or a more established property investor looking to cash in on the commercial potential of local ranch or farmland.

Houses for Sale in Lubbock, TX

Victoria style houses line up a street in Lubbock County

Finding a wonderful home is an exciting adventure in Lubbock. The housing stock is diverse, with options ranging from affordable manufactured/mobile homes to single-family and multi-family houses custom-built to the buyer’s specifications.

What you’ll love most about your options in Lubbock is the excellent value for money. For well under $400,000, you can already buy a well-appointed 2,600-square-foot, 4-bedroom home in a desirable neighborhood.

If you’re interested in larger structures that are built for the luxurious lifestyle, the Lubbock housing market won’t disappoint either. Stately 2-story homes for sale in Lubbock, TX, as well as larger high-end properties are available here, too.

For homebuyers looking to spend their golden years in this city, there’s no shortage of garden homes for sale in Lubbock’s renowned retirement communities. This means homeowners not only enjoy comfort and convenience in a home suitable for their needs, they can also revel in relaxing community amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, walking trails, or courtyards.

Ranches for Sale in Lubbock, TX

Lubbock real estate also welcomes investors with an expansive range of vacant lots. Whether you want to build the house of your dreams or develop the land for commercial purposes, how you choose to maximize the opportunity that your land presents is completely up to you.

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Living in Lubbock, TX

Lubbock skyline cityscape

If you’re still wondering whether relocating to Lubbock, TX is a good idea, this section will convince you. Here, we’ll break down the many dimensions of the Lubbock lifestyle.

Quality of Life

One might be misled to think that a city of nearly 260,000 million people would be too crowded for comfort—perhaps even worse when you consider that this number grows to more than 300,000 when you include the surrounding communities in the greater Lubbock metropolitan area. But Lubbock will prove you wrong.

Would you believe that despite its population numbers, Lubbock is one of the top cities with the best traffic conditions in the entire nation? The city has an average commute time that falls well below 20 minutes—just 16.3 minutes, to be precise.

In comparison, the national average commute time falls somewhere around 26 minutes. Meanwhile, other Texas cities have relatively longer commutes. In Dallas, driving or taking public transit typically takes 26.7 minutes on average, while in Fort Worth trips take as long as 27.9 minutes.

This means Lubbock residents spend less time on the road, and more time on meaningful activity. Whether it’s productivity at work, spending quality time with the family at home, or exploring the various wonders that the city has to offer, the commute-friendly nature of the city allows local homeowners to enjoy outstanding work-life balance, and a high quality of living overall.

Because Lubbock’s ideal living conditions lend to well-rounded experiences, the city constantly appears in many “best places to live” lists. Here are some notable accolades that the city has received in recent years:

From these highlights, you’ll notice that Lubbock’s appeal cuts across several demographics, from young professionals to retirees, as well as between male and female individuals.

It comes as no surprise then that this outstanding city has become one of the fastest growing cities in Texas over the past decade. Lubbock, as a result, was listed as the 10th most rapidly growing city in the Lone Star State by Business Insider, drawing a net migration of 13,495 between 2010 and 2018—equivalent to a growth rate of 5%.

Cost of Living

If you think you’ll need to pay a premium to enjoy all of these outstanding living conditions, Lubbock will surprise you in the best way. Hub City has an incredibly reasonable cost of living for a city of its size and qualities. In fact, it’s one of the best places to get excellent value for your money.

As of June 3, 2020, the cost of living in Lubbock, TX is 9.3% lower than the national average, according to This incredible advantage is anchored by notable affordable real estate, which pegs as 35.1% lower than national housing prices.

What makes this low cost of living even better news is that Lubbock ranks among the most noteworthy cities that have been getting richer over the previous few decades. listed 17 cities that have been experiencing dramatic income growth since the 1960s, and in this list, Lubbock ranks #14 with a 99% increase. More specifically, Lubbock’s median household income has grown from $22,915 in 1969-1970 to $45,449 in 2016. This number has continued to increase to $48,701 as of 2018, according to the US Census.

It also helps that Texas has one of the smallest tax burdens among the states. With taxes amounting to just 8.7% of an individual’s income, your dollar really goes a long way when you own a home in Lubbock, TX.

A multipurpose stadium inside the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas


Lubbock is well-known for its reputable schools, anchored by leading public research institution, Texas Tech University. Established in 1923 as the Texas Technological College, the public research institution is best known today for its outstanding engineering and business administration programs.

In addition to preparing and introducing well-educated and highly skilled young professionals into the local economy, Texas Tech also plays an important role in developing the state’s startup environment, infusing new waves of business to keep local growth moving forward. This is one of the main reasons Lubbock has become one of the most desirable cities to live among young job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Beyond academics, Texas Tech is also known for its collegiate sports programs, particularly football. In fact, this city lives and breathes college football because of the local squad.

Other institutions for higher education in Lubbock include Lubbock Christian University, Wayland Baptist University, and the South Plains College-Lubbock Center.

For primary and secondary level students, the following public school districts are responsible:

  • Lubbock Independent School District
  • Frenship Independent School District
  • Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District
  • Roosevelt Independent School District


The local economy in Lubbock is anchored by strong healthcare and social services, education, and retail trade industries. These three sectors employ 43% of the city’s labor force of approximately 121,000 workers, based on 2017 estimates.

With Lubbock’s healthcare sector leading the economy, the city has more doctors per capita compared to other major cities in the West, such as Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, or Albuquerque, according to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

As a resource-rich location, Lubbock has mining, quarrying, and other extraction-related industries as the most lucrative sector of the local economy. Agriculture is prolific, as well, with the city boasting the largest contiguous area dedicated to the cotton production industry.

Ripe cotton boll with wind turbines in background

Highlight Attractions

From farming to music, the Lubbock legacy cuts across a variety of industries and interests. Here are five landmark attractions that only scratch the surface of what this proud city is known and beloved for.

  • Buddy Holly Center – The 1950s rock and roll icon put Lubbock on the map, and this museum is the city’s way of showing its gratitude. The Center features artifacts and memorabilia that celebrate Holly and other musicians and artists from West Texas.

  • Museum of Texas Tech University – Showcasing a wide and varied selection of artifacts and memorabilia representing the fine arts, natural sciences, history, anthropology, and paleontology, this museum is one of the landmark attractions that every Lubbock resident must visit at least once.

  • National Ranching Heritage Center – Lubbock is known for its sprawling parcels of agricultural land, and this 27-acre park is the best place to appreciate the city’s long history of utilizing and maximizing this important resource.

  • American Windmill Museum – One of the most breathtaking spectacles you’ll find in Lubbock is the array of towering windmills on display at this 28-acre showcase of engineering. The museum boasts the world’s largest public collection of restored windmills.

  • Silent Wings Museum – Celebrating and preserving aircraft from the World War II era, this is a worthwhile stop for an enjoyable and educational experience. The museum itself is housed in the former terminal building and tower of the former Lubbock airport circa 1950-60.

Arts and Culture

Lubbock has an outstanding artistic legacy, and this rich culture is commemorated and celebrated through a variety of events and establishments that are staples in the local lifestyle.

  • Lubbock Arts Festival – An annual Lubbock tradition for more than four decades, this event is the South Plains region’s grandest celebration of visual, performance, and children’s art, showcasing the talents of 200 local artists.

  • First Friday Art Trail – This self-guided art tour, organized by the famed Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, is available to the public every month at the Lubbock Cultural District. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy a night out in the city, as the event showcases all sorts of visual and experiential spectacle.

  • Historic Cactus Theater – This iconic building first opened its doors to the Lubbock public in 1938 and became the neighborhood movie theater for 20 years. After spending nearly 40 years as a scrap iron storage facility, the Cactus Theater was restored to its former glory, becoming home to remarkable live concerts and theater productions that starred top-tier talent from around the world.

  • Lubbock Symphony Orchestra – Established in 1946, the Lubbock Orchestra delivers some of the most sophisticated musical experiences in West Texas. Recognized as a group VI Orchestra by the American Symphony Orchestra League, this company boasts nationally renowned soloists and conductors in its ranks.

  • Ballet Lubbock – Since 1969, Ballet Lubbock has been an integral part of Lubbock’s cultural identity. In addition to staging performances, the company is the premier pre-professional ballet school in the South Plains region.

Summer footbridge and lake In Lubbock Texas

Outdoor Recreation

With its idyllic location at the heart of the South Plains, Lubbock is no stranger to breathtaking natural attractions and outdoor adventures. These destinations are sure to be worth your while when you want to explore Lubbock’s exceptional surroundings:

  • Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark – Discovered in 1936, this site is an incredible archeological and natural history preserve. This landmark tells the story of the ancient civilizations that lived around Llano Estacado, or the Southern High Plains, from as far back as 11,000 years ago.

  • Prairie Dog Town at Mackenzie Park – Meet some of the most adorable indigenous creatures that call Lubbock home. Part of the beloved 248-acre Mackenzie Park, Prairie Dog Town is a protected prairie dog colony right in the heart of the city.

  • The Rawls Golf Course at Texas Tech – You don’t have to go far to enjoy a satisfying game of golf in Lubbock. There’s an exceptional golf course right beside Texas Tech. Designed by renowned course architect Tom Doak, The Rawls Course is a different way to take in Lubbock’s exceptional natural environment.

  • Dunbar Historical Lake – If you’re looking for a refreshing place to explore during the hotter months of the year, this is where to go. Featuring walking and biking trails along a beautiful waterfront, this one is a hidden gem among Lubbock’s favorite outdoor destinations.

  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park – Feel like venturing out further for a weekend out in the wilderness? Then how about a trip to the country’s second largest canyon? Offering a variety of campsites and more than 30 miles of trails that you can explore on foot, on a mountain bike, or on a horse, this site is the best place to rough it out in West Texas.


Hearty eating is a staple in the authentic Texas living experience. Here are some of the most iconic restaurants and eateries you’ll find in the city:

  • Evie Mae’s Pit Barbecue – This restaurant started out as a humble parking lot pitmaster operation in Tucson, AZ as recently as 2014. It quickly grew into one of the best BBQ joints in Texas, however, thanks to a faithful following that has helped them sustain their success even as they relocated just outside Lubbock’s southwest city limits.

  • High Plains wine country – Did you know that 90% of Texas wine grapes are grown right here in Lubbock? The local wine scene is definitely something you have to experience, especially if you plan on sampling every dimension of taste and flavor that this city has to offer.

  • The West Table Kitchen and Bar – Housed inside a historic pioneer building in downtown Lubbock, The West Table offers seasonal menus made with only the freshest local ingredients. Classic American favorites are prepared in style with global influences adding a new flavor dimension to every meal.

  • Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse – The juiciest and most flavorful cuts of premium Angus steak are found at the southern end of Lubbock. At Las Brisas, all-natural meats and produce, combined with live entertainment on the patio, add up to create the ultimate dining experience in Hub City.

  • Tom and Bingo’s BBQ – If you’re into discovering local neighborhood favorites, then Tom and Bingo’s will surely be right up your alley. There’s a reason this BBQ joint is still standing since first opening its doors in 1952. You simply can’t go wrong with their menu!

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